Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heroes of the feywild

wizards announced they are releasing heroes of the feywild on nov 15. The feywild is a term for anything like elves, pixies, or nature spirits. Heroes promises options to flesh out their fey characters.

Heroes of the Feywild
D&D Game Supplement, Player's Option
Rodney Thompson, Claudio Pozas, and Steve Townshend
Ready to explore your character's wild side?
Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild enables players to weave elements of the Feywild into their existing and future characters, in much the same way thatPlayer’s Option: Heroes of Shadow gave players reasons to explore their characters’ dark connections to the Shadowfell.
This book contains exciting new character builds and options that are thematically rooted to the Feywild, a wild and verdant plane of arcane splendor, full of dangerous and whimsical creatures. Characters who trace their origins or backgrounds to the Feywild gain access to unique feats, powers, and mechanics. The book explores what makes fey-themed characters so fun and distinct.
Item Details
Item Code: 317310000
Release Date: November 15, 2011
Series: Player's Option D&D Game Supplement
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 160
Price: $29.95 C$34.00 ISBN: 978-0-7869-5836-8 

Nearly $30 seems a bit high in my opinion for this kind of resource. Wizards needs to look at a soft cover marketing strategy to bring down the cost on interesting but non essential products like this one. I might shell out $15 for something like this but 30 is much too high a price point for me.


  1. Seems like an interesting game. You're certainly right about 30 dollars perhaps being too high for a game though the guys need to make their money from somewhere if you know what I mean. Games like this are likely on a decline in sales as it is.

  2. Hi,

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    I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a review on your blog.

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  3. November 15, okay. This date is marked in ma calender now.

  4. But considering many people who would want this are 40 year old men who live with their parents they deffinetly have the cash to spare!
    (not to say all roleplayers are like that, I role play and I ain't like that but the stereotype existst for a reason!)

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