Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scales of War

Lately I've been running the Scales of war campaign from dungeon issues 156-176. This campaign style series of adventures purportedly will take the characters from level 1 all the way to 30. So far we have gotten through he first two adventures and they have been a blast. I cant wait to see how good the next ones are. I decided to blog about the adventures and let everyone know what our group thought of them. For these adventures we play roughly once a month between games Ill occasionally share my 15 years of game mastering knowledge here as well. For the campaign we have the following characters all of which are 4th edition from the players handbook 1 and 2.

E.T. plays a Warden currently 6th level
B.W. plays a Sword-Mage Currently 5th level
A.G. plays a Warrior Currently 5th level
F.S. plays a Rogue currently 6th level
J.C. plays a Paladin currently 3rd level (job has kept him out of last 2 games)
C.M. played a sorcerer currently 4th level (only came one game unsure if he will come back)

Usually we have from 4 to 5 players and our games run about 10 hours long. so far each of these adventures has run about two games in length.

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