Monday, July 18, 2011

Rescue At Rivenroar

The first of the adventures we played back in January and February was Rescue at Rivenroar. RR is a fairly straightforward dungeon crawl  and most of the encounters are fairly simple to run. It runs in at about 20 encounters and a skill challenge. My players didn't have much trouble being motivated to chase the hobgoblins down and avenge their attack on the town but more headstrong groups might need more motivation and exposition then the module provides. The encounters were all fairly same type with a few melee and sometimes a ranged with very few environmental effects or anything of that sort. Bieng a first level encounter there is only so much you can do as a module designer but I would have liked some more choices for the PCs and some cooler settings then 10 X 10 stone room.
This room here was one of the cooler ones presented but it kind of fell flat because obviously nobody is going to step on those runes (which deal 2d6 dmg) and the enemies present here weren't really that bad 2 needle-fang drake swarms and 1 gnome skulk. The room gave ample maneuvering room to get around the hazard. If I were planing this room there would have at least been one range type monster probably a controller that could shift the players onto the runes in certain circumstances it would have added a lot tot he dynamic of this fight. by the end of the module most of the players were safely second level and getting close to third. This module does lead into the next somewhat but you do need to do some exposition at the beginning of the next module.

Final Call
Ease of use: 8/10
The module was very easy to jump into and use, about an hour of reading and prep and you were ready to go

Difficulty: 3/10
Being this was a first level module I didn't expect the encounters to be super hard but some were so easy for the players it wasn't even a challenge.

Originality of encounters: 2/10
As I said a lot of the encounters were very same old stuff. I wasn't looking for amazing here it is low level stuff but some cool vignettes might have been nice to break up the monotony.

Overall: 5/10
Even with two low scores for difficulty and Originality Ill still give it a 5 of 10 because its a good start tot he series it does a lot of setting up for whats to come.

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