Monday, January 2, 2012

My new Years Experiance

This weekend I went up to my brothers house and played 24 hours of D&D over the weekend. It was a blast, We started around noon on Friday and finished up at 1:30 on Saturday. My brother GMed for 8 hours or so then I took over and did the rest.

My bros game was really cool we were trapped in a mansion with a goblet that cause random magical effects ever so often, the effects were very different. for example one time we were investigating a room when suddenly the floor turned to quicksand. I got to talk a dragon out of eating most of us in the ballroom, and the foyer turned into a jungle. It was a very fun game where you never knew what was going to happen at anytime.

When I got a turn I created a story about an old ancient being of power who had his eye stolen. The players got the gem and it was cursed until it was returned to the being. The cool thing about playing with totally new players is you can draw from successful games of the past and its all new to them. I used some of the better situations from my regular gaming group with them and has a really good time


  1. Man that New Year's Eve sounds so much better than mine did, it sounds absolutely amazing! Glad to hear it was such a good one and here's hoping you have an awesomely happy and successful 2012!

  2. See, dragons aren't totally evil. Sounds like a pretty good time.

  3. I actually forgot about new years, somehow, and slept through most of it.

  4. Sounds like you two had some fun. Happy new year!