Thursday, October 27, 2011

A sorcerer named Hugh

A sorcerer named Hugh walks into a bar, sits down, and begins meditating. The bartender says, "Buy something or you'll have to leave." The sorceror says, "I think you'll appreciate my presence when the friar gets here."

Sure enough, a few minutes later, a friar, decked in robes and carrying three empty flower pots, walks in and saddles up to the bar. He looks the bartender square in the eye, and says, "Gimme a drink or I'll kill you with these pots." The bartender just laughs at the old man, and dares him to try.

The friar speaks a word of incantation, and out of each of the flower pots grew three tremendous man-eating flytraps, which begin consuming nearby bar patrons. The bartender shrieks at the sorceror, "Do something!!!!"

Upon hearing this, Hugh speaks his own incantation and hurls a ball of flame at the plants which reduces them to ash. The friar, soundly defeated, retreats from the bar, proving that Hugh, and only Hugh, can prevent florist friars.


  1. I shouldn't have laughed so hard when I have a cough.

  2. Sweet joke! I love it! I'm gonna tell my friends it! If you have more like that I'd like to hear them!

  3. I love this. Made me laugh pretty intensely. Hilariously funny joke here buddy.

  4. Told this to my wife. She cracked up. Great post!

  5. Tried to remember this joke when I told it to a couple of friends of mine and forgot to tell them the sorcerers name before the punchline haha. Epic fail on my part! Good thing my wife laughed first...ooohhh my broken joke heart.