Monday, September 12, 2011

pics from saturday's game

Tough spot

These three rooms are connected by teleporters in the walls

aarons stuff

Chris thinking and Flounder chillin

Chris doing damage

top down pic of earlier shot

Preping maps the day before

Thats me early in the morning getting ready


  1. Great pics! This maps remembers me the Hero Quest game.

  2. thats awesome, its been awhile since iv had the friends over for any kind of good game session

  3. Looks like fun, but it needs more girls :D

  4. these would be great pics if i knew what was going on!

  5. @Necroticism sadly we are all old married men so more girls would probably get the wives on our asses

  6. I agree Drew we need more girls at the next game. I'll post it on Craigslist. D&D group needs hot sexy ladies for a great night of dice chucking, dungeon crawling, farting and random words of inspiration from Campbell. Also I think the caption below my picture should have read "Chris hoping to do damage".