Friday, September 9, 2011

How would you like to go to hawaii?

Wizards of the coast (producers of D&D) is running a contest to promote their new neverwinter campaign setting. They ask 9 questions about neverwinter and neverwinter related products and they will choose someone from the correct answers to send on a 2 person Hawaii trip. The questions are pretty hard I know 3 of the 9 off the top of my head and I'm a pretty big D&D nerd. Still if your willing to really research the crap out of this stuff you might have a shot. here's a link to the wizards official page

Here are the questions and don't ask me for the answers I want to win darnit.

1. Gauntlgrym

Question: What is the full name of the “guest” from the Kingdom of Many-Arrows who appears in the prologue ofGauntlgrym?

2. Neverwinter Fortune Cards

Question: The D&D Fortune Card, Inconceivable Failure, leaves you in what condition when played?

3. Neverwinter Campaign Setting

Question: The Ashmadai are a brutal cult of worshippers sworn to who?

4. The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales

Question: Where did Drizzt and Pwent last face Valindra Shadowmantle?

5. D&D Encounters: Lost Crown of Neverwinter

Question: How many weeks long is D&D Encounters: Lost Crown of Neverwinter?

6. D&D Lair Assault

Question: What is the name of the first challenge forD&D Lair Assault, premiering on September 1?

7. Neverwinter

Question: Who is the presumptive leader of the bandits Drizzt fights in the prologue to Neverwinter?

8. Neverwinter for PC

Question: What type of dragon appears in the Neverwinter Trailer?

9. Legend of Drizzt boardgame

Question: How many plastic miniatures are included in the Legend of Drizzt game?.


  1. Ha, I couldn't answer even one!

    Still, I wish you good luck!

  2. @dalf heh Ive been doing research Ive got 8 of the 9 now. cant find that stupid comic one

  3. Good luck with this buddy. I'm in the same boat as Dalf right now, haven't a notion.

  4. lmao i wouldn't get past the first one

  5. It's cool, that it's not one of those silly competitions where the questions are way too easy.