Saturday, September 17, 2011

5 tips for finding a gaming group

sometimes its hard to get a group to play D&D with. For one reason or another your current group might split up move away or whatever. Here's some tips for finding a new game.

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1. find out if you have a local hobby shop that runs a game
Many hobby shops run games as a way to generate customers. If your local shop doesn't ask them if they would be interested in starting one. The benefits for a gaming store are obvious, they get customers coming in and cool things happening in a shop means people are more likely to come back and see whats happening.

2. If you live near a college put up a looking for group notice. Colleges are great places to find gamers. Lots of colleges have current groups or people that used to play and might be interested in playing again.

3. Look online for a message board game. If you cant get a live game there are lots of places online that host message board type games. I used to run one myself on Google wave before it fell apart.

4. Get your non gaming friends to come over an learn. Get your friends excited about the game tell them there will be beer and food that's a good way to get people to come.

5. If all else fails try looking or posting in the crigstlist gaming forum or try these options probably wont be that successful unless you live in a major metro area but who knows you might get lucky


  1. These are five nice tips. I actually know a place near my town that has meet ups for board games like this, I might have to investigate and see if I can go play a few games round there in the near future! :)

  2. Nice ideas, converting friends can sometimes turn into them playing more often than you.

  3. All good ideas! But I likely wont do any of them! I hate gaming with strangers! So often they don't have a regular game cause there messed up and no one wants them around!... wait, maybe thats why I don't have friends wanting to play with me... damn this post made me reassess my life!

  4. Cool! I'll be checking out the message boards near campus :).